O’Neill Coldwater Classic is back again at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz, CA for event 9 of 10 in ASP’s World Championship Tour. Legend Theatrical is tasked with creating two large structures to accomodate Judges, Surfers, ASP staff, Announcers, and an O’Neill retail shop.

The judging and Surfer area is a two story building that stands 64′ x 48′ wide and 26′ high overlooking Steamer Lane from a parking lot on West Cliff Drive . Built mainly out of 12″ truss, the building sits on 48 Steeldeck staging platforms that clear a sidewalk and other obstacles requiring lots of labor and perfectionism. 88 pieces of truss were used in total for the two story building which was tied down by 4 1 ton cement blocks. In order to build a second floor, more Steeldeck is used and customized to clear the 12″ truss and give a clean, flush looking fit on the outside. The exterior is lined with 4,160 Sq. Ft. of custom made banners advertising O’Neill and other event sponsors. Stairs and railing are used throughout the structure for safety and accessibility. The roof of the structure is sloped which is achieved by using hinged truss. The retail store is built on the same concept, just on a smaller scale.