Right before the start of our show our lighting system stopped responding. After exhausting my knowledge of potential problems/solutions I called Legend’s emergency line. After just a few minutes I got a call back and through a methodical process from point A to point B we discovered someone had put a power strip and a computer inline in our system. Not only was it not supposed to be there it was the culprit of a blown circuit for our DMX splitter. A simple removal of the power strip and computer and plugging the splitter back in and we were back in business.
They were both responsive and friendly on the phone even though it was late on a Saturday night.


I work with a surf company in Santa Cruz, CA, and we have relied on Dave and the crew at Legend for our annual tradeshow booths for the last few years. Every year they are on time, brought all the right gear and more, efficient and dedicated in their execution of our tasks.

Highly recommended!


Legend Theatrical & a special mention to Mike are very thoughtful and detailed in their work. Their genuine “human” and non “robotic” approach in solving my last minute problem gave me such comfort and they are “rock stars”. I did my research and was highly reccomended to them. Their emergency number saved me and I so appreciate Mike and his team!All My Best,Suzanne GlassmanMorning Star Entertainment


Michael did an amazing job in quoting, choosing, setting up and breaking down for our Valley Christian Senior Fashion Show. There was a lot of confusion, since it was our first experience, but his calm, reassuring and positive attitude really helped make it all smooth! Excellent!


When we have a difficult or unique installation to do, we like to call Legend Theatrical. They are always able to lend their expertise to helping come up with creative solutions to complex problems. They are professional and have been a pleasure to work with.