Legend Theatrical donated labor and gear for the BBQ and dance fundraiser in Boulder Creek, CA. The fundraiser helps to provide Boulder Creek Fire Department with new equipment to protect the homes and people of the community. The Homemade BBQ and full bar was a recipe for good times, along with a live band and dance floor. This event was a win-win for proud local supporters, who had the opportunity to give back, and have a great time.

Space behind the firehouse was limited but used well. Truss canopied the Steeldeck stage and dance floor in the back of the lot. Every inch was used to our advantage. We outfitted the truss with an arsenal of lights including; our new SGM P-5 wash lights and Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlaze TRXs. Control came from a raised booth that held our soundboard and Jands Vista T2 lighting console. Two QSC KLA line arrays reduced conversation to a minimum, while strobe and laser effects amplified guitar solos. Anybody could walk on stage and feel like a rock star.

When the moving heads stopped and the haze from the foggers cleared, the cheers from the crowd reinforced the feeling of accomplishment. Overall the event was very successful. It was great to see such support from the community and to help the men and women who keep them safe. We can’t wait to do it again!

Total Gear List:


24 Color Kinetics ColorBlast TRX (Backlight, Truss Warmers, Sidelight) - 16 Color Kinetics ColorBlaze TRX (Front Light, Blinders) – 8 Chauvet Colorado2 Tour (Sidelight, Tarp Light) – 25 ChromaQ Color Blocks (Truss Warmers) – 2 SGM P-5 (Front Light) – 1 SGM P-5 TW (Center-Front Light) – SGM X-5 (Strobe) – 2 SGM Flasher (Strobe) – X-Laser X4g (Laser) – 2 SGM Giotto 400 (On Stage Moving Head) – 2 SGM Synthesis 700 (Flown Moving Heads) – 2 Techni-lux Bank 8 (Blinders) – Rosco Stage Fogger


6 QSC KLA (Flown Front of House PA) – 2 QSC KW181 (Flown Front of House PA) – 2 QSC KLA (On Stage Front Fills) – 2 Meyer Sound 600-HP (Floor Subs) – 4 QSC K10 (On Stage Monitors)


Jands Vista T2 Byron (Lighting Console) - Allan&Heath GL3300 (Sound Console)


20 Show Solutions 8′ MDT Truss – 9 Show Solutions 10′ MDT Truss – 2 Genie Super Towers – 13 Steeldeck 4×8 Decks