The Bay Lights

The Bay Lights project was one of our largest yet. Legend Theatrical played a crucial role in assembly, and initial testing of the lights.

View a live feed of the lights!

Successful completion of the project required more than a couple of guys with patience and steady hands. We formed a makeshift assembly line in our warehouse specifically for this project. Power distribution and networking was integrated into a large panel and waterproof box provided by Transdyn, and shipped to our warehouse 6 pallets at a time. Our job was to integrate Philips Color Kinetics, eW Flex SLX, LED Node Lighting system, and perform thorough initial testing. More specifically, wiring the LEDs to the provided Philips PDS (power-data supply), and sealing to protect from the not-so-electronics-friendly environment surrounding the Bay Bridge. We also tested and verified function of all lights and IP addresses, as the entire system is network based. Once finished, we shipped out a nice shrink-wrapped and ready to install package for the electricians on the Bay Bridge. Last night they were officially unveiled. Check out the pictures below! Video

Bay Bridge Lighting Project- Legend Theatrical – YouTube

Photos and video: Bay Bridge will get a coat of 25,000 pulsing LED …


Philips Color Kinetics

‘The Bay Lights’ Officially Unveiled On Bay Bridge

The Bay Lights Finally Turn On, and the Results Are Fantastic

DSF7372_s-150x150.jpg   DSF7361_s-150x150.jpg   DSF7325_s-150x150.jpg   DSF7312_s-150x150.jpg

DSF7220_s-150x150.jpg   DSF7216_s-150x150.jpg   DSF7208_s-150x150.jpg   DSF7141_s-150x150.jpg

DSF7141_s-150x150 (1).jpg   DSF7135_s-150x150.jpg   DSF7134_s-150x150.jpg


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